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December 4, 2009

How To ADD Time to Your Day (Really!)

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Feeling like there aren’t enough hours in your day?  Doesn’t everyone?  I’ve discovered a powerful secret that has given me several extra hours in my day to get things done.  Impossible, you say?

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  1. Time has length AND depth. What many people miss is the fact that any amount or unit of time rarely if ever means the same thing to different people. It is easy to see that some people are able get much more out of a minute or an hour than others. Fitness is the capability to achieve any particular goal. When considering the ability of various individuals we often succeed at taking into account their level of mental fitness, however we too often discount their level of physical fitness. It is easy to see that experts in any area are more able to quickly accomplish goals than novices. Why is it not easy to see that those who are healthy and physically fit will be more quickly able to accomplish goals than those who are less healthy and physically fit? It should be easy to see that those who have taken the time to ensure that they are physically fit have higher levels of endurance and energy and will subsequently get to the finish line (any finish line) more quickly than those who have not.

    Comment by Shawn Thomas — December 4, 2009 @ 5:38 pm | Reply

  2. yes, yes, yes!

    I love this blog, AND I love the comment Shawn made, too. length AND depth. That’s something to chew on. It’s not just the quantity, it’s the quality. Different moments have different values, different levels of usefulness. One time of the day we might be WONDERFULLY creative, while another time we might be INTENSELY conversational.

    I think it’s important to identify our energy levels and what we’re good at during those times so we’ve got a situation that fits us.

    And I totally agree that you DO get more hours in your day by working out (and even MORE if you have a treadmill desk…Just sayin’!) 🙂

    I’ve found another interesting thing to be true too, if you don’t mind me taking space on your blog…..

    Sleeping 6-8 hours? Makes more time in your day, too. So does drinking 64-72 oz. of water. You wouldn’t THINK so, but it does! I get SOO much more done effectively if I sleep enough. And if I sleep enough, I’ll drink enough water. And if I drink enough water, I’ll eat better, and if I eat better, I’ll have more energy for working out, which will wear me out so I sleep. Ring aorund the Rosie.

    Who’da thought doing MORE of some things wouldn’t take AWAY, eh?

    Thanx for writing this!


    Comment by CJ Romberger — December 15, 2009 @ 4:22 pm | Reply

  3. I am famous for skipping meals and have learned over time how not paying attention to what I eat kills my productivity. Great message, Maura.

    BTW, 4 cups of coffee does not equal three – five well designed meals.

    Comment by Dag Nybo — July 15, 2010 @ 5:49 pm | Reply

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